Tips on Attic Insulation in Portland, Maine

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Portland, Maine insulation contractors cannot stress the importance of proper attic insulation enough. The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that heating costs will continue to rise for the next several years. One suggestion that has become popular in recent years I turning down the heat, learning to be more comfortable in cooler temperatures. But, that only goes so far. If you have a home in Maine with an unfinished attic, properly insulating it is one of the easiest and best ways to help keep your heating bill down. The cost on attic insulation does pay off year after year, although taking the time to investigate your options is going to pay off the most. Insulating a previously unfinished attic can save anywhere between 10 and 50 percent on heating costs. If you are someone who runs air conditioning in the warmer months, you will notice a savings then as well.

Insulating the attic floor is an important step in attic insulation. If you have been using your attic for storage, that can mean you are going to need to find the time to empty it out—not to mention somewhere to put all of that stuff while the work is being done. With spray foam insulation, however, a small hole can be cut into a section of the floor leaving most items undisturbed and allow you to keep using most of the area for storage. Spray foam insulation is faster than other kinds of insulation installation in Maine, so whatever does have to be temporarily stored somewhere else won’t need to be there for long.

Insulating the attic walls and ceiling can be a bit more of a challenge, unless you plan on doing some extra work—either by adding straps or drywall to the ceiling or walls. That is because, without something to hold most insulation types in their place, it will do little good. Spray foam insulation is one option, which doesn’t require that extra materials be brought in to seal in the insulation. Remember, you’re looking for an R-Value of your insulation in the 40s, which most insulations are going to have trouble delivering. You would need to double and even triple some of the more common insulation materials to have this level of insulation. However, spray foam can deliver that with little additional work or materials.

Another important thing to look into when considering cost of insulation in Maine is whether there are currently any rebates or credits in the state. The federal government and state often offer tax credits and rebates for homeowners who take steps to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Attic Insulation in Portland, Maine with RetroFoam qualifies. The insulation contractor should be able to verify whether there are currently any of these programs going on as well as help you prepare the paperwork to receive them.

One thing that can never be overlooked when installing insulation in the attic is that any existing air leaks must be sealed. For most insulation installations, this requires an extra step, looking for drafts and filling them in with some sort of weather sealant. These air leaks are going to be one of your biggest enemies when trying to improve the insulating value and energy efficiency of your home. For a spray foam insulation contractor, the spray foam will seal those gaps as part of the normal process and typically requires no additional materials or labor.

Whether you are looking for insulation in a new home or to reinsulate and existing home or even just insulate an attic or basement, Home Snuggers is here for you. RetroFoam insulation in Maine is one of the best choices you can make when trying to improve the energy efficiency and comfort level of your home. Call us today for a free estimate and find out why so many have chosen Home Snuggers for attic insulation and more in Portland, Maine as well as other parts of the state including Arundel, Kennebunk, and others. (888) SNUG-ME2.

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