Selecting the Best Foam Insulation in Biddeford Maine

Selecting the Best Foam Insulation in Biddeford Maine

As we continue on through the spring months and head on toward summer, many of us are already dreading the summer energy bills. This causes homeowners to start wondering about the variety of home insulation available and what the best foam insulation in Biddeford ME is? These days we have all sorts of technology to help us keep our bills low and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Many of the electronics on the market today are evaluated for energy efficiency. This also holds true for windows, HVAC systems, and appliances. These days, pretty much everything that goes into our homes has a some sort of energy saving rating. Of course, when it comes to keeping our heating bills and cooling bills low, there are three key components we must consider—windows, walls, and roof. A great deal of energy escapes out of the windows and doors, although double and triple paned and specially manufactured windows can really help as can a brand new roof. But walls make up a big part of your house. That means that your home insulation plays a big part in the energy efficiency of a home.

Weatherization specialists and insulation contractors in Maine have a number of solutions available to you. These professionals can provide a thorough explanation of how energy affects homes. After a proper inspection of your home, they can see and advise how your particular home is being affected. What is the best solution for you? One of the most popular and most effective forms of insulation available on the market today is foam insulation. Foam insulation offers some of the best thermal resistance of all insulation types. That means that it has a better chance of preventing energy from transferring through it than other insulation. That means you are losing less heat during the winter and your house is keeping cooler in the summer.

Older homes, and even some homes today, were built using tradition fiberglass insulation. This is the rolled insulation that used to be seen on all the construction sites—often a mainly pink or yellow color with foil on one side. If you have noticed over the past few years, these rolls are become less and less numerous and frequent on construction sites. The reality of it is that that was the old way of doing things. That type of insulation simply is not as effective as the newer materials that are available such as modern foam insulation.

But, just as with any other type of home insulation in Maine, not all foam insulations are created equal. Since foam insulation was first brought out, great strides have been made in its manufacture, application, and effectiveness. The most effective foam insulation in Maine today is Retrofoam. It has a higher thermal rating or R-value of all foam insulation. It is also much easier to install that other forms of home foam insulation. Other foam insulations create a mess and often require retrofitting an existing building. Retrofoam is easy to install and much safer than other foam insulation products. It can be done quickly and does not give off the strong fumes or dangerous chemicals.

Retrofoam can be installed over top of existing insulation with very little clean up. With a skilled Maine insulation contractor, Retrofoam can save your family a lot of money. With each passing month, you can compare your heating and cooling costs against those same costs from previous years. It lasts longer and it seals better. It can help improve the overall air quality of your home as well, because it creates that better seal. It can help keep dust and pollen outside. At the same time, it can be great for anyone that lives in a noisy part of town, helping dampen sounds.

If you are looking for the best foam insulation in Biddeford ME speak with a licensed Retrofoam installer today.

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