Saving Money in All Seasons with Home Snuggers

saving_money_all_4_seasons Maine, you may have heard, has one of the oldest housing stock in the nation. According to the Maine State Housing Authority, in only five states is the average home older, nearly 30 percent of all Maine homes are built before 1940.

This was long before energy efficiency was much of a concern, however, and that’s part of what makes Home Snuggers’ work so important. Located at 231 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, the locally owned and operated contractor specializes in re-insulating existing homes. RetroFoam™, an environmentally friendly foam, is injected in all cavities underneath a building’s existing siding, be it vinyl, clapboard or brick.

The work generally takes us one day to do and, when we’re done, it will look like we’ve never even been there,” says Home Snuggers’ Marketing Manager Michael Brokordt. “Best of all, unlike other types of foam insulation, the owner does not need to vacate the premises while the work is being done. It’s a green product.”

Home Snuggers is the brainchild of Mark Walker, who became familiar with RetroFoam™ as a house builder in the Midwest, where it’s been in use for over 15 years. After a career as general manager for companies that designed, fabricated and installed museum exhibitions — his work has been featured in exhibitions across North America and as far away as Singapore — Walker augmented his degree in industrial materials and processes with an MBA, both earned at Northern Illinois University. He then moved to Maine to be near his grandchildren and launched Home Snuggers in 2011. Today, the company has grown to 11 employees, insulating homes across southern and central Maine, from Fryeburg in the west to Bar Harbor in the east, and as far north as Bangor.

“Mark’s emphasis is providing services of great value and creating rewarding and meaningful jobs in Maine,” says Brokordt, adding that each call starts with a full energy audit.

“We do a pre- and a post-installation energy assessment that gives the homeowner exact numbers of how much energy they will save,” explains Brokordt. “The majority of our customers save between 30 and 40 percent on their energy bills.” That’s enough of savings to pay for itself within two to five years.

But it’s not only about keeping a home warm in the winter and using less oil. RetroFoam™ insulation also helps to keep homes cool in the summer, cutting electric bills otherwise driven up by air conditioning units.

“We had a lady come to our booth at the Home and Garden Show at the Cumberland Civic Center to praise the work we did for her,” says Brokordt. “She told us that before, she had two air conditioners running on high in her home and could only get the temperature down to 75. Now, she runs them on low and the temperature is 70 degrees. So, this was a great testimonial.”

But an even more interesting note of thanks came from a customer who lives not far from the Home Snuggers shop on Route 302, where the sounds of heavy trucks has been a longtime irritant but not any more. “Our product is not only great for heating and cooling and lowering energy costs,” says Brokordt, “it’s also great for deadening sound.”

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