Metal Buildings Benefit from Spray Foam Insulation in Gorham ME


Metal Buildings Benefit from Spray Foam Insulation in Gorham ME

Metal buildings in can take quite a beating, especially with hailstorms and some of the other big storms seen in Gorham Maine. Spray foam insulation can help repair some of that damage though. There have been cases of aluminum and tin roofs being beaten down so badly by hail that the roof insulation is completely knocked down. The building’s continued exposure to hail and the elements can b detrimental, leading to further damage and even threatening the structural integrity of the building. Thus, when something like this happens, it is imperative that steps be taken as soon as possible to rectify the issue. For spray foam insulation contractors in Maine, the steps by which to clear up the problem with a badly beaten and misshapen metal building are relatively straight forward.

First, the previous insulation must be removed and cleared out of the building. Once that has been done, the building must be inspected for its structural integrity. If the structural integrity is okay, measurements are taken to verify how much spray foam insulation will be needed. Once that is done, the spray foam insulation can be installed. This insulation process is referred to as retrofitting. Retrofitting insulation is a common practice in Maine. It is used in residential homes, office buildings, and metal buildings. Compared to other forms of spray foam insulation, RetroFoam is one of the easiest to retrofit a building with. It is cleaner, causes less of an odor, and can be installed quicker.

Maine insulation contractors know that spray foam insulation must be installed carefully. Overspray can damage interior and exterior walls. The insulation can also back spray into the rest of the building. In the case of a commercial building, the spray foam insulation could get on expensive equipment and inventory. In the case of a home, it could get on carpeting, personal belongings, and more.

The benefits of spray foam insulation are multifold. For one, it offers better R-value, or thermal resistance than other forms of insulation. That means that the energy transfer through spray foam insulation is much lower than other insulation types. What that means is that the building stays warmer in the winters and cooler in the summer. You end up putting less work on your heating and cooling units. That means your HVAC systems are more energy efficient and tend to last longer. Spray foam insulation can also dampen sound and help enhance the air seals of the building. By properly sealing the building’s air leaks, it does make the building more energy efficiency. It also ends up improving the indoor air quality of the building. With a building that has been sealed correctly, less pollution from the outside gets into the building—environmental pollution including pollen, dust, and other contaminants.

Spray foam insulation in Maine has definitely proven its value time and time again. When it can help restore the shape and structure of a building, that is excellent. This type of insulation can also enhance the overall rigidity and structural stability of walls in a mental building. Spray foam insulation should only be installed by those who have received training and endorsement from the manufacturer, because you know that they have the right tools and knowledge to do the job properly. Whether you have a metal warehouse, traditional home, or newer multi-unit dwelling, speak with your insulation contractor today about spray foam insulation in Gorham Maine.

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