Kennebunk, Maine

January__2012HomeSnuggers is your insulation installer in Kennebunk, Maine. Based out of Windham, ME, we are the premier foam insulation contractor in Maine, dealing with the industry’s leading product—RetroFoam. What we do is just as important as where we do it. The people that are our customers are our friends and our neighbors. We recognize the importance of doing a job and doing it right, because of the people we do it for.

Kennebunk, Maine is a relatively small community of a bit more than 10 thousand residents. This is a far cry from the town’s early days. When first founded as a trading post back in 1621, the town grew into shipbuilding and served as a shipping center. There was also some light manufacturing done there. Kennebunk was originally a part of the town of Wells, but that changed in 1820 when it became its own town.

The total area of the town itself is almost 44 square miles, but almost 9 square miles of that area is water. Other towns and cities nearby Kennebunk include Kennebunkport, Arundel, Alfred, Lyman, Wells, and Sanford. Kennebunkport and Kennebunk actually merge into a single school district comprised of Kennebunk Elementary, Sea Road School, Middle School of the Kennebunks, and Kennebunk High School. In 2000, an alternative high school was founded, called the New School. It is accredited by the state and has a focus on community-based learning.

Illustrator Judith Hunt is from Kennebunk as are US congressman Joseph Dan and Clement Storer—Storer is also a senator.

Some of the key attractions to Kennebunk, besides its quaint, small town charm include a handful of beaches. Kennebunk Beach, Mother’s Beach, and Gooch’s Beach are common swimming and sunning spots for both visitors and residents. The beaches are all dog-friendly. Park your car and hop of the trolley to visit one of the beaches.

The Eastern Trail is a popular destination for hikers and fitness enthusiasts, carving our a 65 mile section of the East Coast Greenway. Bikers and hikers often travel along the numerous paths and visit the off-road attractions which travels from South Portland’s Bug Light Park on Casco Bay to Kittery’s Piscataqua River. The fresh produce and locally grown and made goods you can pick up at the Kennebunk Farmers’ Market located downtown are something that you should definitely check out as well.

One really unique thing in Kennebunk is our Museum in the Streets. Here, the streets themselves become the museum with a series of 25 panels comprised of rare photographs, documents and other pieces of history invite visitors into the history of Kennebunk. The Wedding Cake House is here in Kennebunk as well. Formerly known as the George W. Bourne House, it draws people from all over the state to take pictures of the historic architecture and design.

Kennebunk also has a number of community sponsored events through the year. These include the annual Winterfest, Family Valentine’s Dance, an Easter Egg Hunt in March, May Day Festival, as well as the Artisan and Crafters Markets held on Tuesdays and Fridays in November. The Kennebunk Free Library is another popular destination that often hosts reading programs and educational activities for kids and residents of the community.

Kennebunk has offered the quiet and cozy atmosphere that many look for when trying to relax, which makes it a popular destination for vacationers, but also for professionals from other nearby communities who don’t mind the commute. HomeSnuggers often works with homeowners in the Kennebunk, installing insulation while maintaining the historic architecture and design of their homes. They also work with construction companies in the area looking to put in new homes with the more energy efficient and longer lasting foam insulation that is highly recommended by architects, home energy efficiency specialist, and other industry experts. To find out how we can help you increase the comfort and energy efficient of your home with foam insulation in Kennebunk, Maine, call us today for a free quote (888) SNUG-ME2.

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