Insulation Contractors in Windham Maine

Insulation Contractors in Windham Maine

When you are looking at the number of insulation contractors in Windham Maine that you have to choose from, you may wonder where to even start. It is important to know where a contractor’s specialties lie. For example, many so-called insulation contractors in Maine are merely general contractors who will also install insulation. Then, there are those who focus mainly just on insulation installation. This specialization can come in quite handy. It allows the company to do one thing and do it well. That means they are going to do a top notch job. They are also going to be able to do faster with fewer mistakes. Often, they can get the materials and the labor for less, because they focus purely on that one thing, so they do not need contractors who specialize in all sorts of different trades and they order their supplies in bulk from one place rather than dealing with a variety of different vendors.

When it comes time to reinsulate a home, a lot of people worry about the cost and the mess. Usually, people think of entire sections of a wall having to be ripped out and later replaced in order for an insulation contractor to replace or install new insulation. Then, they move down a few feet and start the whole process over again. Spray foam insulation offers benefit here, because it doesn’t require that same intensive remodeling. It instead allows both the contractors and the home owners to save time and money. They do not need to rip out entire sections of the wall. Instead, based on where the insulation needs to go and how the house is constructed, the contractor can cut out small holes in the interior or exterior. The spray foam insulation gets into the nooks and crannies that traditional insulation can’t. Because of the unique chemical composition of spray foam insulation, it lasts longer and works better than other types of insulation materials.

Why is R-Value in Maine Insulation Important?

Home owners may or may not have heard of R-value before. When it comes to home insulation, R-value is the thermal resistance of a material. This basically measure how well the insulation reduce heat transference, how well it blocks energy from leaving or entering the house.  The lowest rating is 0, which would be like having an open door, where there is no resistance and heat passes freely. The average window has an R-value of R-1 or R-2, which means not much is prevented from travelling through the window in terms of heat. That means, during the summer, you have more heat travelling into the home you are trying to keep cool and during the winter you have more heat escaping from the home you are trying to keep warm. RetroFoam has been tested to provide between R-16 and R-24, depending on the actual wall thickness. The average home, with 2×4 studs would typically enjoy about R-18.1. The other big difference between this spray in foam insulation and traditional insulation is that you don’t have the gaps that you do when you use foam home insulation.

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Benefit Maine Residents

We already talked about how foam insulation will provide a higher thermal resistance, or R-value, but it also takes a lot less work and creates a lot less mess to have it installed. Another really cool feature with RetroFoam is that it can be installed in brick foundations. That can really help boost the energy efficiency of any building. There are very few products on the market that can help insulate the foundation of home. This better energy efficiency means that there are going to be lower heating and cooling costs. At the same time, keeping the temperature more comfortable for those who live and work in a building, it means that the heater or air conditioner is not going to have to work as hard. That means that, if properly maintained, simply getting the right insulation in your home or office can help lengthen the life of your HVAC systems. Beyond that, RetroFoam helps to create a tighter air barrier. That means that it provides a higher air quality inside the home, because there will be less pollen and dust getting into the house. That means it is going to be a bit better for those who have allergies, asthma, and other problems with breathing or immunities. That same foam, because of how it seals up the home helps to soak up sound as well, so if you are near a busy street or in an active part of town, it can actually be quieter in your house once you have installed RetroFoam.

For more information on how insulation contractors in Windham Maine can help you keep your heating and cooling costs lower while enjoying your home and breathing a bit easier, give us a call today.

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