Foam Insulation in Arundel ME

Foam Insulation in Arundel ME

If you are one of the many home owners considering spray foam insulation in Arundel Maine, you probably want to know a bit about how insulation works. The most basic concept, which most of us already know, is that insulation helps to enclose our homes keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer, which helps us enhance the home energy efficiency. Knowing a bit about how and why this is the case will help home owners to make an informed decision as to what kind of insulation is going to help them the most in Maine. Foam insulation does work better than other types of insulation and helps to know why. Your Maine foam insulation expert should be able to provide you with this information, although it helps to do a little bit of homework beforehand.

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Those that have foam insulation in Arundel Maine can tell you they are able to tell the difference that insulation can make. There are three ways in which heat can transfer and insulation is designed to slow that transfer of heat. The three ways that heat transfers is radiation, conduction, and convection. Heat transfer from radiation which is where electromagnetic waves travel through empty space. An example of this would be how the sun heats the earth. The next method of heat transfer would be conduction which is where heat is transferred between two items that are in direct contact of each other. An example of this would be how we cook the heat from the stove heats the pan. The last type of heat transfer would be convection which is the up and down movement of gases and liquids. An example of this would be when you notice that heat rises. So we can see how heat transfers what does this have to do with my home insulation? Well with heat transfer you will start to notice cold spots in your home where your current insulation is not working the way that it is supposed to. Heat transfer is what causes your heat to leave your home and your energy bills to increase as you try to keep your home heated.

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There are four main reasons why you might find cold spots or notice that your insulation is not working the way that it should. The first cause would be voids. This would be where your previous insulation is not there. There are a few reasons for this one of the main reasons would be for safety requirements for your standard batt insulation. You should understand that having a mere 4% void in your insulation can result in a staggering 50% reduction in the insulation effectiveness. Another reason for voids in your insulation is that your current insulation is not properly installed. This is actually seen more with self-installed types of insulation. This is one of the reasons why so many people have moved over to foam spray that does not have those voids. The next problem that you might come across when you are looking at your current insulation would be compression which can compromise the insulation’s effectiveness. Compression reduces the effectiveness of many different types of insulation. When you are looking at foam insulation in Arundel ME you will find that you are able to slow the heat transfer which means that it will stay in the home longer. The next item that might cause a problem would be air movement through the insulation that you currently have. You will need to consider the fact that if air is able to move freely between the insulation then heat will also be able to move through the insulation which would mean that insulation is not working properly. You will want to make sure that when you are looking at the various types of insulation that you are looking for one that is able to give you an air-seal. You will want this type of insulation throughout your home but especially in the basement, attic and main living areas of your home. Moisture would be the last item that you would want to be aware of that would speed up the transfer of heat. When there is moisture it decreases the R-value because generally moisture will cause most insulation to become conductive and cause it to settle at the bottom of the walls which in turn would lead to compression and voids.

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Understanding the weaknesses of insulation should allow you to take the time and determine which insulation would best suit your needs. You should be aware that one of the best insulation that are out there right now is foam spray insulation. This is one that rarely has these problems and has been found to have the same qualities 15 to 20 years after installation as if it was just put in. If this is one of the options that you are looking into you will need to call in a professional that is familiar with foam insulation in Arundel ME.

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