Energy Efficiency With Foam Insulation in Maine

Energy Efficiency With Foam Insulation in Maine

With the economy as it is, have you considered increasing your home energy efficiency with foam insulation in Maine? If not, maybe it is time you did. The average cost of heating a home has risen considerably over the past few years in states such as Maine and Cape Elizabeth Maine. We are seeing costs raise by several hundred or even more than a thousand dollars with each passing year since before 2010. The trend hasn’t slowed, either. A lot of us are feeling more than a pinch when it comes to the financial repercussions of energy efficiency in Maine.

There are several organizations and even government programs to help, but how long and how much can we count on them? We can use energy saving techniques including keeping our thermostat low during the winter and high during the summer. We can turn everything off and even unplug everything when we leave home. We can try all sorts of energy conservation methods. However, did you know that a significant amount of your energy spent each year is used to heat and cool your house? Did you know that the majority of energy used to heat and cool your home is lost due to poor insulation?

Maine Home Insulation

Maine is one of the hardest hit areas when it comes to winter heating costs. A lot of us use oil to heat our homes, and that is just becoming too expensive. A lot have considered and even gone ahead with replacing heating systems with electric or gas. The cost of doing so is high and many have learned that these still cost a lot. So, what is something you can do to greatly enhance energy efficiency and lower heating costs in Maine? New home insulation.

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes time to insulate or reinsulate your home in Maine. A lot of people and general contractors fall back on the old standby—those pink and yellow rolls of fiberglass and fabric. You have seen them before. They have been around for years. Does it make sense that we’re using the same insulation our grandparents used all those years ago. With all the advances in construction techniques, materials, and technology, it certainly doesn’t.

Foam Insulation in Maine

RetroFoam™ is one of if not the best insulation for homes today. This high-tech advantage allows the replacement process to go much faster and cleaner than if you were to have someone come in and start tearing out walls or sections of walls to shove that pink and yellow stuff back in there. It doesn’t degrade like the old insulation and it doesn’t have the same detrimental adversity to water when there is a leak. Foam insulation in Maine allows you to fill all the gaps and cracks that old school home insulation just won’t do. When speaking with your insulation contractor, be sure to ask them about foam insulation for your home in Maine. If they don’t know what is, you may want to look for someone else to reinsulate your home.

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