End cold winter drafts at home – In Maine.

End cold winter drafts at your home here in Maine. Prepare your home for the coming winter here in Maine, and insulate your home with RetroFoam, because energy efficiency starts with excellent home insulation.

Watch our new infomercial. We recorded it in South Portland during a gorgeous fall day end of September.

Our General Manager Mark explains all the benefits this insulation will give you, besides saving you money. RetroFoam is environmentally safe, fire retardant and pest resistant. And since the work is usually done from the outside, there is no hassle or mess, no tearing out walls, no moving out furniture, and no interior clean up. Although RetroFoam is used primarily to save energy, it reduces noise levels by 75%.

And typically the installation is completed in one day.

This video shows you how our technicians carefully take the vinyl siding off the house – with a special tool – drill the holes and then inject RetroFoam into the cavities (which have Fiberglass insulation, not an appropriate insulation for Maine winter.) The holes will be plugged and siding restored to its original condition, and we clean up all around the house afterwards.

The foam eliminates the chills and drafts during the long and cold winter months.

So, end your cold winter drafts at your home and call us today for a free estimate. We make your home warm and snug.


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