Determining Your Home Insulation Value

Home Insulation Value

For Home Snuggers—and our clients—it is important to understand your home insulation value. In Maine, insulation is very important. The frigid winters we get can be downright deadly. If your home or business is not insulated properly, you can be uncomfortable and paying a lot in costs to heat your home. There is more to it than that, though. Proper house insulation will not only make a home more energy efficient—lowering heating and cooling bills—but, it will also make the home more comfortable and healthier. If your insulation is up to the task, it will prevent drafts as well as seal in the home better to prevent dust and pollen from entering the home. But, what is the true value of new home insulation?

That is a pretty big question and you could be looking for different answers if you are asking it. In an earlier post, we talked about how to estimate the savings due to increased home energy efficiency with new insulation. There are some definitive figures to discover the savings when it comes to dollars and cents directly related to the heating and cooling costs of your home. That includes looking back at how much you have spent over the past months and years as well as what kind of insulation is already in your home. Then, you have to look at what kind of heater you have, the fuel it uses, and type of fuel. A number of things go into figuring out how much you can save with quality foam insulation.

But, what other factors are then when it comes to determining the insulation value in your home? Well, for one, consider the cost to actually have it installed and what the insulation installation actually includes. With most insulation types, the contractor will need to remove sections of dry wall to either remove existing insulation or place new insulation over top of that. Then, those sections of dry wall will need replaced. This could lead to whole sections of wall needing replaced, even if nothing goes wrong. That then likely means painting and other minor repairs around trim, woodwork, and even carpeting. With foam insulation, the insulation is injected in the walls through relatively small holes. That means minimal prep time and minimal repairs once completed. Time is a precious commodity and trying to value it strictly by the dollar can be difficult. Also, when dealing with your Maine insulation contractor, ask them about the prep work and the repairs that will need done after. Are they going to repair and repair the walls and surrounding area or will that be something for you to do? Do they charge extra for it? Will you have to hire another contractor just to make sure that it is done properly?

Yet another important consideration is the added benefits of good insulation in Maine. Foam insulation, when installed properly, has several additional benefits. For one, as mentioned previously, it can help reduce the amount of dust and pollen in your home. If you or someone else in the house suffers from allergies, asthma, or other medical issues that can be complicated by the relative air quality, this can make a big difference. If you can make it so people can breathe easier, reach for their inhaler less, and are generally more healthy, what is that worth to you? That is another thing that is difficult to put a dollar amount on. Other benefits of foam insulation include helping with sound dampening. This can be important, especially if you live near a busy street, business district, railway, or airport. Keeping the noise down allows us to enjoy or time at home more and rest better. Foam insulation helps block and absorb sound so that it keeps the inside of the home quieter all year round.

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