Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation in Scarborough ME

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation in Scarborough ME

When looking to lower your energy costs, spray foam insulation in Scarborough Maine is an excellent choice. With this being a relatively new product, many people are unsure as to whether it is something they want in their homes. This is something relatively common with new technologies and techniques. People want to make sure that the new things will work for them. They want to let others give it a try first. Spray foam insulation has been developed through years of study and testing. It has already been proven to be effective in many homes, both newer construction and in older buildings as a new insulation product. Over the years, each of our homes suffers a myriad of problems including pipe bursts, cracks developing in the structure. And this all helps older insulation to degrade at faster rates. Older insulation products simply do not have the same thermal rating, or R Value of the newer spray foam insulation products.

Better Fill Enhances Air Quality

Spray foam insulation can be injected into virtually any area including attics, crawlspaces, walls, and even concrete foundations. This product can fill the cracks and gaps that traditional insulation products cannot. Those older insulation products leave air pockets and gaps around them, which lessens their insulating effect. Foam insulation, however, fills the entire area. Foam insulation is also designed to expand and contract along with the walls as the seasons change. This tighter fill lessens drafts and increase comfort in the home.

Save Money with Spray Foam in Maine

Because spray foam insulation limits both the heat and air transfer better than other types of insulation materials, this means that the temperatures inside the home are easier to control. You don’t end up having to constantly fiddle with the heater or the air condition, and temperatures will stay more stable without hot air escaping as easily during the winter or entering as quickly during the summer. This means you will end up having lower heating and cooling bills. Also, using less of a precious resource, you will be being more environmentally responsible.

High R-Value

The R-value of insulation is used to measure the level of thermal resistance. Thermal resistance is the amount of thermal energy that is blocked from being transferred through materials. Spray insulation, because of the chemical and material makeup of the insulation. This is also the tighter fit which prevents air flow and drafts. Overall, foam insulation in Maine helps keep the house warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.

Improved Health

Because spray foam insulation fits tightly as it does, it can prevent smaller particles from traveling between the inside and outside of the home as well. This limits the ability of outside contaminants and air pollutants to get into the home. This means a healthier home. It is particularly noticeable for those with asthma, other respiratory issues, or those with immune deficiencies. This type of insulation can alsoreduce the amount of moisture and condensation to collect between walls. This can be extremely beneficial, limiting mold growth between walls.

Increased Value

Foam insulation installed through a spray method can actually help improve the structural integrity of the building. Essentially, the spray foam helps thicken and cushion the walls, because of the form fitting nature of the insulation. Foam insulation also tends to last longer as it does not sag or settle like other forms of insulation. With foam insulation, there should be no need for additional house wrap or vapor retarders. With the enhance insulation, homes can be built and use smaller heating and air conditioning systems. Furthermore, systems such as this may not go through as much wear, because they will not need to be used as much, with energy constantly transferring between walls.

Overall, when compared to other, traditional forms of insulation, spray insulation in Scarborough ME is one of the best decisions that can be made to improve a home’s energy efficiency.

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