Benefits of Foam Insulation in South Portland Maine

Benefits of Foam Insulation in South Portland Maine

If you are trying to cut down on the heating and cooling costs of your home, it is probably time you considered the benefits of foam insulation in South Portland Maine. Many people are a bit concerned about putting spray foam insulation into their home. It is a relatively new material as far as building materials go and some people just do not like change. They believe what they had previously worked well and they trust what they know.

We also have those rolls of fiberglass and cotton when we were younger at construction sites and around remodeling job. That fibrous material would go between the walls and help prevent heat from transferring through from one side to the other. It did its job, but it simply does not compare to the more modern materials we have available. Even the foam insulation of several years ago was better than older insulating materials. However, the spray foam available now is even better than that.

Spray foam insulation provides for some of the highest R-values, which means that it has the best ability to block thermal transfer. It is also faster and easier to install. For the cost in materials and labor, spray foam insulation and other forms of insulation are comparable to one another. However, the better protection provided by foam insulating materials end up saving more money over time and lasting longer. That means the total cost of ownership for spray foam insulation is drastically less than fibrous cellulose insulation.

One of the cool things about spray foam insulation is how easy it is for an experienced insulation contractor in Maine to put into the house.  Rolls of insulation of even drop fill insulation often requires that entire walls or at least large sections of the wall be removed before putting in new insulation, spray foam insulation can be injected through a few, strategically placed holes inside or outside the house. Those holes are easy to fill back in and make it a lot easier as you don’t end up having a big mess or having to move all the furniture. The job goes quick, so clean up is done the same day. Beyond that, spray foam insulation can also be installed over top of existing insulation, so there isn’t a bunch of time spent removing the old insulation.

Where most residential insulation products will leave gaps and cracks within the walls and supporting structure of the house, when installed properly, spray foam insulation fills those gaps without doing any damage to the home. It is important to make sure you have a properly trained and equipped insulation contractor. There have been several cases of improperly licensed spray foam insulation contractors installing the insulation improperly and causes walls to bulge and crack and leaving more of a mess than anything else. That is why it is always a good idea to check your potential insulation contractor’s credentials and references. Ask friends and family who they have used. Check to make sure they have insurance. Check and see if there are complaints with the BBB or state attorney general. These steps can help you prevent a lot of heartache down the road.

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