Beautiful Portland, Maine: A History

Portland, Maine is the largest city in Maine and is the county seat of Cumberland County. In 2012 the population was estimated to be around 66,000 residents, while the area surrounding Portland is home to almost half a million people.

Portland is a popular tourist destination. Tourists often visit the Old Port district located along Portland Harbor, and the Arts District, which runs along Congress Street in the middle of the city. Portland Head Light, a famous lighthouse, is located in nearby Cape Elizabeth and denotes the entrance to Portland Harbor.

The seal of the city of Portland depicts a phoenix, and the city’s latin motto: “Resurgam,” which means “I will rise again.” The motto is a reference to the city’s remarkable recovery following a series of four horrific fires that devastated much of the city.

Portland, Maine
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Portland was founded in 1623 by Capt. Christopher Levett, and English naval captain who was granted the land by King Charles I. However, this colony failed and the first lasting settlement was founded in 1633 and was known as Casco. Casco was primarily a fishing and trading settlement, two trades that are still important to Portland today.

Portland was involved, at least to some extent, in nearly every major military conflict on American soil in the history of the United States – from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War.

Trade was very important to the city of Portland, and its harbor became a significant focal point as the only ice-free harbor along the route of the Grand Trunk Railway. However, as time progressed the harbor became less and less important to the city. That was until recently when a revitalized interest in the harbor saw an increase in tourism and investment rejuvenating the Old Port.

As one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the United States, Portland boasts a wide-range of historically significant buildings and sites. The winding cobblestone roads of the Old Port harken back to simpler times, while bustling Commercial Street is lined with shops and restaurants patronized by tourists. The Arts District provides residents and visitors alike an excellent venue for taking in an art show or gallery opening.

Of course, it’s hard to write an article about a city in Maine without mentioning the lobster, a common sight in many Portland eateries. Another major oceangoing commodity in Portland is the sea cucumber, a major export for the city as it is highly popular in Asian markets.

Portland, Maine mixes Old World charm with New World sophistication. It is a city firmly rooted in the past, with its eye strongly set on a bright and prosperous future. At Home Snuggers we are happy to call the city of Portland our home, and its residents our friends and neighbors.

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