What Is Blower Door Testing?

What Is Blower Door Testing? The blower door measures air-flow at 50 pascals house pressure (CFM50), producing a number that is used to compare the leakiness of homes. The blower door also creates pressure differences between rooms in the house … Continued

End cold winter drafts at home – In Maine.

End cold winter drafts at your home here in Maine. Prepare your home for the coming winter here in Maine, and insulate your home with RetroFoam, because energy efficiency starts with excellent home insulation. Watch our new infomercial. We recorded … Continued

Another Award for Home Snuggers!

Each year the Top Gun Award is given to the dealer with the highest customer satisfaction rate, plus who has contributed the most helping other dealers improving their businesses. Retrofoam gives three awards every year to the best dealers using … Continued