We are a locally owned and operated home insulation contractor in Windham, Maine, and we specialize in installing RetroFoam™, an injected foam insulation. This environmentally friendly, spray foam home insulation will dramatically increase your home or office’s energy efficiency, which will help reduce the amount of your energy utility bills.

Energy efficiency starts with excellent home insulation to help keep your house cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Insulation helps promote energy savings and lower utility bills by requiring you to use less for the same level of comfort. Wall foam insulation is the number one way to save money and help the environment all at the same time.

Our service area extends from Southern Maine to Fryeburg, Farmington, throughout Central Maine, and over to the coastal area and its islands.

Mark Walker – General ManagerMark_Walker
Mark began his career in home building in the Midwest after earning his first degree in industrial materials and processes from the College of Engineering at Northern Illinois University. He then worked as a general manager for companies that designed, fabricated, and installed exhibitions for museums and commercial firms. His work was featured in national and international exhibitions, from North America to Brazil to Singapore. After completing his MBA at Northern Illinois University, he moved to Maine to be near his grandchildren.
Home Snuggers benefits from his combined knowledge of building science, as well as his concerns for an environmentally-friendly economy. Mark’s emphasis is providing services of great value and creating rewarding and meaningful jobs in Maine.

Michael Brokordt – Marketing Manager
Michael was appointed as marketing manager for Home Snuggers in September 2013. Before earning his degree in business management, he formally studied construction and gained extensive experience in finish carpentry. He previously held positions, including both retail marketing and event marketing, throughout Europe.

Michael lives in Yarmouth, Maine with two cats and two dogs. His spare time is actively filled with basketball, traveling and gourmet cooking.

Robin Hanson – Office Manager
Robin worked for Cole Haan in various positions for 10 years before she joined Tolley Hospitality; besides raising two children as a single mom. Her versatility allowed her to become accustomed with all aspects of running a facility and personnel, that she was offered a General Manager position, which she held for 14 years.

She resides in Windham with her husband, where they enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren. Robin has an amazing knack for cooking if she is not too busy going boating, fishing or reading.

Jack Dean – Estimator
Jack is one of our first employees. He earned his first stripes as a journeyman electrician and plumber before he joined the military. After his honorable 6 year service, he worked as framing and finish carpenter. In 1976, he joined the Fal Fire Department where he quickly moved up to Captain and training officer, where he trained over 300 members of the department in hazardous materials. In addition, he taught 26 years as adjunct instructor at Bristol Community College building construction for the fire service, codes and ordinances, hazardous material response, and building inspection practices.

Jack lives in Naples with his wife Deb and his lovely, golden colored lab Jake. In his free time he enjoys boating and traveling.

Dave Skaling – Estimator
Dave brings over 25 years of construction experience to Home Snuggers since November 2015. He successfully operated a building company new construction and renovations. Before he worked in construction, he spent many years in Alaska managing a remote mining camp; overseeing all personnel, construction and facilities.

He and his wife have been married for 40 years, live in Topsham, and enjoy sailing, hiking, golfing and have a camp in north western Maine that the whole family uses for summer activities, including their two daughters and grandchildren. They have had the pleasure of living on the coast of Maine their entire lives, and have travelled the country always looking forward to coming home to Maine.

Paul Bevacqua – Estimator
Paul started working for Home Snuggers in January 2016 after he and his wife moved to Kennebunk. After he obtained his B.S. in Civil Engineering his first job included environmental analysis for the Connecticut Department of Transportation. After completing his MBA, Paul worked 25 years in residential design and construction.

His interests are reading, repairing, remodeling and renovating evidenced by an old house; built in 1890, he and his wife Mary Beth have recently purchased.

Dwight Jones – Foreman
Dwight is our second veteran we hired. When he was 18, he decided to join the Coast Guard. As a machinery technician he supervised up to 10 sailors in hazardous buoy deck situations, crane operations or mooring of the boat. After spending 2 years as a police officer, he rejoined the military. Dwight became a army combat engineer and served in Afghanistan. In his 10 years of service he earned the Afghanistan campaign medal, three accommodation awards, and two achievement awards. Once in Maine, he learned and worked for insulation and weatherization companies; his calling he says.

After his deployment, he, his wife and their children relocated from Arkansas back to his wife’s home state Maine. Since then, he and his family mostly work on their new home to make it energy efficient, and RetroFoam will be installed  this summer, 2016.